BONAP's North American Plant Atlas

BONAP Botanical Garden provides a special feeling that motivates, educates, and inspires our many visitors and encourages them to create their own special places of beauty, whether a mixed flower garden or a natural plant community.  Our professional staff takes pride in producing a spectacular array of artistry and architecture intended to replicate the elegance and appeal of the great gardens of Europe, while maintaining the simplicity and splendor of our regional flora.  Seasonal strolls through the gardens allow our visitors to experience brilliant displays of foliage and floral color of the nearly 3,000 species that adorn our landscape.  Those who appreciate the exquisite beauty found within these color displays, or admire great works of art, are certain to enjoy the spectacular vistas at each bend in the many acres of walkways and trails. 

Although a private garden, guided tours are offered frequently throughout the year and special events are held periodically.

Our garden is located on the outskirts of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, within a regional plant community dominated by mixed oak/pine hardwoods and interspersed with farmlands.  Established in the mid-1980s, we have grown extensively over the decades into what we believe is one of the finest collections of art and garden features in the Piedmont of the South.  To provide a glimpse of the Garden tapestry, we have provided the following collage of images.


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