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U.S. State-Level Distributions:

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NOTICE: BONAP is pleased to present the 2014 edition of our TDC and NAPA web pages. These pages represent reasonably complete, accurate and current assessments of the entire vascular flora of the North American continent, north of Mexico. Through the combined efforts of BONAP’S thousands of contributors and volunteers, we have produced a community-wide, free access product to serve the needs of the botanical community. With clear vision and common goals, the completion of this work demonstrates the ability of the scientific community to summarize, verify, and clarify a subject as vastly complex as the North American vascular flora. Although we make no assertions that every datum is accurate, we are pleased to bring our efforts to this stage of completion, and to make them publically available. We welcome any corrections or suggestions you might have. –JTK (11/17/2014)

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